Saturday, December 14, 2013

Big Kabang 40


1. All users must provide accurate contact information including name, shipping address, telephone number and e-mail address upon signing up. Providing invalid or falsified information may, at our sole discretion, result in an account being placed on hold. No P.O. Boxes are allowed.
2. Only one account is allowed per household, per person, per e-mail address and per IP address. You must be 16 or older to participate in our websites.

3. Any user may be put on hold for any suspicious activity such as scamming or fraud whether it’s on our sites, or any other sites.

4. Users may not sign up or sign in from a public area such as a workplace, college campus, or library. A user may also not sign up or sign into our site via a proxy, which includes ISPs such as AOL, Earthlink & Netscape.

5. Each user may have a maximum of one account. Any accounts sharing the same IP address are considered duplicate accounts and will be placed on hold.

6. Walking referrals through the process of completing the site is prohibited.
7. Accounts may be suspended or closed at any time for any reason based on the discretion of the BigKabang Network.

8. Spamming referral links or sending unsolicited personal messages to reach your goal will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in a hold.


1. BigKabang does not guarantee that a user will receive credit for any offer. We reserve the right to refuse a user credit for an offer for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of appropriate information or fraudulent information.

2. A user may only receive credit for completing an offer once on any site. Do not complete an offer twice as this is considered fraud.

3. Users are responsible for ensuring their browser settings have been set properly in order for the offer to be credited.

4. A user should only complete an offer they are interested in. Completing an offer only to get your free gift is considered fraud.

5. BigKabang is not responsible for delays in reporting offer completion or failure to receive credit.

6. BigKabang is not responsible for any unknown or unexpected charges that you receive from one or more of our offers. Read the offers terms and conditions before signing up.

7. Prepaid cards as well as gift cards are strictly forbidden to be used on any offer promoted at BigKabang – it is considered fraud to do so.


1. Orders are subject to full verification including, but not limited to ensuring credit requirements have been met, correct account information has been provided, and only one account per person, per household, per location has been established.

2. BigKabang will take measures to ensure that the user receives payments and rewards within a reasonable amount of time. However, BigKabang can only do so when the advertisers pay.

3. All rewards are sent to the shipping address provided by the user at registration time. It is a user’s responsibility to verify that the shipping address provided is correct. BigKabang is not responsible for lost mail as a result of a theft or incorrect delivery.

4. Users who receive $600 or more in gifts from BigKabang will be required to submit a completed IRS Form W9 in accordance with federal laws before you can receive your payment or gift.

5. Users who submit their first order into us will be required to submit a scan of their Driver’s License or other source of ID before receiving their prize, in order to verify their information and help us to prevent fraud.